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The Wet Fly Swing Members Society is a network of pro fly fishers, guides, companies and insiders with a focus on fly fishing. Joining the membership will give you access to exclusive discounts and bonuses, premium content and members access to talk to and learn from the those that are going all in.

Exclusive Discounts

With our partner companies saves you a ton of money. Entomology and Flies, Polarized Glasses, Fly Box Inserts, Wet Flies and Fishing, Fly Fishing Bags, Mid Sized Boats, Custom Art, Flies and Steelhead, Fly Rods – Canada, Upper End Rentals, Boats and Paddle Boards and much more.

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Get access to some of the newest and most innovative companies in the fly fishing space. We support local companies and it allows us to support you along your journey!

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knowing that you are supporting local companies who are doing business the right way and become part of productive community.

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Wetflyswing members society consists of pro fly fishers, you will have the chance to make connections and interact with them. 

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