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adams built

Adams Built Fishing

Goto and use the coupon code:  DCS20 to get 20% off your next order of $50 or more (limit 2 uses of this coupon code per customer).  Contact Dave here if you would like to get mo...



Vedavoo builds hand crafted sling backs and fly fishing gear that you can be proud of.  Our slogan – BETTER AMERICAN GEAR – reflects what we do and how we do it:  From my garage – to basements and din...



At The Original Ty-Rite, we strongly believe in the conservation of our natural resources & giving back to our communities. We understand that caring for each other & the planet we live on tog...

true fly supply

True Fly Supply

True Fly Supply will send you a box each month with a new selection of flies taylored towards the species you are targetting.  You also get a bunch of swag and support a great company. Go to: TrueFlyS...


Thermo-Wade Wading Staff

Thermo-WADE is a family business, located on the edge of Northern Europe – Ireland, where the lakes and loughs  run deep and rivers are plentiful.  Our passion for fly fishing and knowledge remain at ...

the grey drake

The Grey Drake

Progress through tradition. Respect through stewardship.  Respect the fish you chase, Protect the waters they swim, Defend public access.  The Grey Drake produces vintage fly wallets and boxes similar...

taylor fly fishing

Taylor Fly Fishing

When you fish a Taylor product, you can be confident that you are fishing the best. We have a simple vision, to provide top quality fly fishing products designed with the angler in mind. We stand by o...

dave scadden boats

Dave Scadden Paddlesports

Dave Scadden has been a driving force in the inflatables world for over 25 years.  Literally inventing the inflatable pontoon fishing craft concept and selling thousands of boats worldwide.  He has le...

sage brush dry gear

Sage Brush Dry Gear

Sagebrush has incorporated the skills developed working with other companies into our own unique line of water-safe bags. We have the technical knowledge, experience, and most importantly, the commitm...

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